Debunking 10 most popular dieting myths


We have all want the lean ‘zero’ size body just like celebrities. While some of us are dreaming to achieve it, some are working hard to achieve it. With a lot of drool over Kareena Kapoor’s perfect body, do we even know what it takes to achieve it or we’re blindly believing in dieting myths? Maintaining a healthy body is everyone’s dream and you must surely workout to stay fit and healthy.

Thousands of you may be flocking over the internet to search for methods and ways to boost a healthy lifestyle and a diet. Many diet trends are circulated in the news that it actually gets confusing which tips and recommendations to follow and which ones are to be tossed. Underneath popular suggestions and trends, the truth is often just about eating healthy.

So, when you start looking for a diet plan that suits you, you would encounter an astounding list of myths, rumours, and false information regarding proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. One of the biggest dieting myths could be the notion associated with dieting. Following a diet where an individual goes on and off as if it’s a quick fix – this does not really work. Changing your lifestyle to focus more on healthy eating by controlling calorie intake rather than following a fad diet is what you need to do, in order to stay healthy and in shape. To help you make that change, we tell you the truth behind the myths about diets and the food we consume.

Here are some dieting myths that can separate you from facts when it comes to your diet.

Myth 1: Gluten-free desserts are healthier

Who says that gluten-free desserts are healthier than the normal desserts we consume? In fact, did you know that gluten substitutes may include more calorie content and increase your weight? Well, gluten-free can be good for those diagnosed with celiac disease or who are intolerants. Otherwise, desserts that are gluten-free must be consumed in moderation along with a healthy balanced diet.

Myth 2: Frequent meals boost metabolism.

dieting myths busted

Consuming small meals after every 2 -3 hours in a day can temporarily boost metabolism. While consuming food constantly, you are always digesting and hence your digestion system gets overworked. This way, you would not be able to fully digest the food you have just eaten and the nutrients of everything you eat will not be assimilated. There is surely some benefits to eating frequently such as killing the hunger and avoiding binge eating, but when it comes to weight loss there are no such benefits of eating small meals than bigger meals at a time.

Myth 3: Consuming Carbs can make you fat

This depends on the type of carbs we consume throughout the day. Diets that consist of processed carbs such as bread, pasta, rice etc is something you can reduce and replace by simple carbs such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and less processed foods. Consuming foods with carbs is as important for the body’s main source of fuel as any other nutrient required. However, avoiding binge eating on these carbohydrates can reduce the contribution to weight gain and help you maintain a balanced diet.

Myth 4: Eating late at nights will help you gain weight

Timing does not matter. The intake of calories do. It really does not matter what time you eat as much as what you eat. Maintaining a healthy weight, diet is about controlling the portion of your meal and how you are reducing the calorie intake in your body. As long as you are consuming foods in moderation to eat a balanced diet, and burning calories – the timing doesn’t matter.

Myth 5: Avoid fast food and eating out

Who says that fast foods should completely be avoided? You can surely enjoy the perks of ordering in, stepping out to try out a new dish in a restaurant, etc as long as it is part of a healthy diet. Just order smart and drink lots of water instead of soda and you’re good to go. Instead of ordering fried, order salads or grilled meats and request for smaller amounts of toppings such as mayonnaise or salad dressings.

Myth 6: Skipping meals is effective in dieting

Who would like to starve? Gone are those days when people would not even know how to cook. Today,  a lot of us make our own meals and this is one of the best ways to stay healthy and consume what you like in moderation. Skipping those mid-hour meals will not help you drop pounds. In fact, it will make you even more hungry directing you to make bad food choices. It is best to have a healthy breakfast along with 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day.

Myth 7: Tons of water can help you lose weight

Drinking Water

Drinking water is a must to stay hydrated, but this does not necessarily help you in losing those extra pounds. Many times, you may think that you are hungry, but you may just be dehydrated – so try to replenish throughout the day to avoid eating unnecessarily. However, do limit your water intake during meals because it can dilute digestive enzymes and make digestion harder.

Myth 8: Healthy/diet food are expensive

True, eating fresh can cost you more than stocking up your shopping cart with processed foods. But in reality, this can cost you more in medical bills to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. So, understanding a long-term health impact, it is advised that you eat clean at an economical price. When it comes to fruits, vegetables – purchase them fresh and in-season. For instance, do not hesitate to try eggplant or cauliflower when they are in season over broccoli. And, then there are always cheaper healthy food options available if you search carefully rather than believing in untrue dieting myths.

Myth 9: Dieting includes fasting to cleanse your body

Our Kidneys and liver already act as a great cleansing system. So, simply fasting to cleanse where you do not eat anything can actually be dangerous. Include a diet that is high in fibre which moves toxins out of your body naturally instead of skipping meals. This will help in keeping your body clean from the inside.

Myth 10: Eating red meat can be bad for you

While you are following a diet plan, including small portions of red meat in your diet can actually be healthy. It contains nutrients such as protein, iron and zinc which helps to cut fat and trim off visible fat too.

To get a healthy, fit and strong body for life, remember to avoid the dieting myths and forget the extremes you see. Making some minor changes in your lifestyle should do well over a long haul in getting on track with your weight and diet. At last, we’d just say: Follow a good dieting plan, not dieting myths.

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