Corona virus – 10 Myths Unmasked and Busted!


If you haven’t heard already, there’s a dangerous virus out there multiplying and shattering the global economies and egos. Why ego? Who would have thought that something as minuscule as this corona virus could unite all nations in a fight against it? On the headlines and breaking news everywhere, this globally-feared disease is undoubtedly the biggest takeaway from 2020 so far. First the Chinese got it and before the world could understand the scale of damage it could induce; it was too late and out of control. And one of the latest countries to fall victim to the corona virus, which is also known as COVID -19, is India.

With the infected cases rising to 39 as of 8th March 2020, fear is burgeoning in the country but not as recklessly as the myths that are driving people to adopt the most outlandish ways to keep themselves protected from the deadly virus. The government continues to reassure the citizens of the symptoms and precautions but given how we tend to believe in forwarded messages, internet or self-proclaimed healers more than the certified doctors, after a point it’s hard to differentiate what is to be believed or not.

Hence hear us out, our planet is fighting a virus and the most logical thing we can do right now to join the battle against COVID -19, is to not believe in rumours, misinformation, and myths that are spreading quicker than the virus itself. Read along as we unmask 10 most absurd myths about the corona virus (we bet you’ve heard them too) and how all of them are untrue.

10 myths about corona virus unmasked and busted:

1. Eating Garlic

There are no such claims that garlic or any other home, Ayurvedic or animal-related remedies can cure or prevent corona virus. However, maintaining a hygienic routine, eating healthy food and being cautious around people who might be sick, may help.

2. Chinese products/letters/imports

Products imported from China may transmit the virus. False. The virus transmits through droplets via cough or sneezing. Plus, the virus can survive on hard surfaces only for a few hours, hence, there’s a high chance that the sick person around you may give you the virus rather than the product shipped from China.

3. Mask

girl in mask, myths about corona virus

Wearing a mask is ideal, but it may not necessarily protect you from the corona virus. You will contract the virus if droplets land on your hands and you end up touching your eyes, nose or mouth. So, the best way to go about it is to wash your hands frequently. Also, if you are sick, wear a mask so as to prevent the flu from transmitting.

4. Alcohol or Bleach Treatment

Though alcohol-based soaps and hand washes are highly recommended by doctors, it doesn’t mean that drinking alcohol or spraying it on one’s body will keep the virus from entering the system. Also, stay away from bleach, it’s a highly dangerous disinfectant for your body and no way can it prevent or kill the virus.

5. Meat-eating

Non-vegetarians, this one is for you’ll. Consuming meat, chicken, eggs, etc., will not give you the deadly flu. There has been no evidence or confirmed link yet between chicken, eggs or any other meat with corona virus. On the other hand, eating poultry is nutritious and even recommended by doctors to fight common flu.

6. Mosquito bites or pets

It’s absolutely untrue that the corona virus can transmit through mosquito bites or through pets. The scientists have made no such declaration, so avoid believing in such rumours until proven.

7. Geriatric groups

Older people or those suffering from prolonged ailments such as heart diseases, diabetes or asthma have a weaker immune system and are vulnerable to the virus, it’s true. However, a person with a stronger immune system may contract the disease too, considering it affects anyone and everyone it comes in contact with, including children.

8. Anti-bacterial medicines

Anti-bacterial tablets will not work against the corona virus for the simplest reason that they are anti-bacterial not anti-virus. Hence, the best thing you can do if the symptoms persist is to get in touch with your family doctor.

9. Yoga or vitamins

Though Yoga is one of the best ways to improve and strengthen your holistic health, it cannot help cure the corona virus, and nor will an overdose of vitamins! Rather, we say, you maintain proper hygiene, exercise regularly and switch to a healthier diet.

10. Weather and hot baths

Last but not the least, cold or hot weather will not kill or prevent the virus from spreading. The virus is not in the air, it transmits if you come in contact with a person who is infected. Also, those hot water baths are going to cause more harm to your skin rather than killing the virus. Please avoid them.

The best solution to counter the deadly corona virus is simple and in your ‘hand’. Keep them disinfected, avoid crowded places and be cautious of sick people around you. Now that we have debunked 10 of the many absurd myths, we hope that the next time you come across a preventive remedy, you’ll speak to your doctor first. Don’t let the panic-inducing virus or these myths get to you, let’s fight them with good hygiene and a healthy diet.

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