10 Alarming reasons why you must quit the stick immediately!


The perils of smoking are known to all, yet people end up spending half their livelihood on cigarettes! Ignoring the signs and warnings that come along with this addition, they puff away on the deadly stick for momentary pleasure, despite knowing it’s a slow killer. The satisfaction one finds in this harmful inhale-exhale routine is beyond reasonable understanding. Many smokers end up blaming stress or peer pressure for picking up the habit. A habit that has been killing millions of people around the world, every year. 

In India for instance, on an average of over 1 million die annually due to smoking, and it is also the fourth leading cause of non-communicable diseases such as cancer and other heart ailments. And if this doesn’t alarm you enough, smoking is harming your body in more ways than you think! Though we don’t mean to trigger your anxiety, the risk is way higher than you can deduce and here are 10 reasons why you should seriously consider quitting the cigarettes immediately: 

10 Alarming Reasons why you need to quick smoking immediately

1. Loss of smell & taste

Frequent inhaling of hot fumes can have an adverse effect on your sense of smell and taste. Smokers have witnessed dullness in their sense of smell and taste than before and are unable to comprehend tastes of particular food or cuisines.

2. Type 2 diabetes

Smoking not only increases the risk of type 2 diabetes but also quickens the onset. It makes your body resistant to insulin which may lead to an increase of uncontrolled sugar levels thus resulting in various diabetes-related ailments.

3. High chances of strokes

Since high levels of nicotine can cause blood thickening, smokers are found to have an increased chance of blood clots that could eventually cause a stroke!

Smoking kills concept

4. Weaker immune system

Wondering why smokers fall sick so easily? The fumes and nicotine dull the effects of antibodies thus making their immune system weaker against foreign invaders in the body. 

5. Hastens aging

If you think smoking is cool, here’s a tip for you – it’s destroying the suppleness of your skin! Not only does it accelerate the onset of wrinkles and fine lines but leaves teeth and nails yellowed in the long run too.

6. Insomnia

Studies show that smokers have a high chance of suffering from insomnia or light sleep. Since nicotine is a potent stimulant, your sleep will never be deep and refreshing as those who don’t engage in smoking. The risk is even higher for those who smoke close to bedtime or are highly addicted to the stick.

7. Breathlessness

Indulging in physical activities will leave you gasping for breath way before than those your age. Since, smoking is gradually depressing the functions of your lungs, engaging in activities such as running, climbing or even dancing can strain your lungs to work harder thus leaving you out of breath quicker than others.

8. Erectile dysfunction

Did you know that in earlier decades the young boys were educated about impotency or erectile dysfunction in order to keep them away from the stick? Fact aside, smoking does end up affecting the blood vessels and increases plaque that may obstruct blood flow. In simpler words, a person addicted to the stick has an increased chance of impotency and erectile dysfunction. 

9. Passive effect

Not only are you risking your health with the addiction but of those around you too. We bet you didn’t know that second-hand smoke that is the fume emitting from a burning cigarette and that is exhaled out contains 7000 chemicals out of which at least over 100 are toxic and 70 can cause cancer! Especially if you have children and infants around, passive smoking can lead to numerous health problems such as asthma attacks, ear infections, respiratory infections, and even something as grave as sudden infant death syndrome. 

10. Vision loss

There’s a miss conception amongst people that smoking can only affect lungs and throats, but here’s something you didn’t know – it can affect your eyesight too, and to an extent that in the long run, you are risking losing your vision completely. Studies have shown that regular smokers have accelerated the risk of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome and more eye-related problems.

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Let’s face the fact – Nothing good can ever come out of the nicotine stick. If stress is bogging you down, why not inhale some fresh air for a change or indulge in the best exercise in the world – Yoga! Smoking kills, and it is killing people around you as well – Every hour, every day, every year. We hope these 10 reasons alarm you of the seriousness of smoking and make you at least consider giving up cigarettes. For the sake of your health and those around you – Quit before it’s too late to quit.

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