Danger signs which indicate that your relationship is growing stale


No matter how romantic and beautiful a relationship is, without constant inputs it tends become dull and boring. In fact, most people believe that if there is an issue in the relationship leaving it as it is for the time to heal it naturally is the best bet. However, they forget that if time is a great healer, time is also the one that corrodes everything if appropriate care and repair is not done. The initial spark that exists in a new relationship fades slowly and is replaced with a sense of boredom. Although some couples will identify the issues and take appropriate measures, most couples will become victim to this misfortune of monotony. Thus, it’s vital for a couple to read these signs of stagnancy and boredom early and make sure that their relationship doesn’t succumb to it.

1. No fights, no care

young couple arguing in a cafe relationship

Those who believe that good couples never fight are grossly mistaken. The truth is that fights provide the couples to sort out the issues between them, understand each other’s point of views better and vent out their frustrations. In fact, it’s worrisome when a couple never fight. Because, it indicates that they have lost interest in each other’s life and no longer care about correcting their partner’s mistakes or resolve their differences. In a stale relationship the couples become indifferent to each other. So, beware! If you’re no longer having healthy arguments with your partner like you used to there’s something wrong which you need to correct.

2. You don’t mind staying late at work

If you don’t mind staying at work extra late even though you don’t really need to, it clearly means you want to avoid meeting your partner. What happened to the early days of your relationship when you couldn’t wait for the working hours to be over so that you could go home and meet your loved one? If you’re unnecessarily avoiding wrapping up the day at your work, it means that initial excitement from the early days of relationship are over and you’re heading towards a dormant relation. In fact, in a troubled relationship some would deliberately stay late at work until their partner is asleep just so they could avoid seeing them at home.

3. Silent dinners

couple drinking wine in restaurant

In our hectic lives there’s barely much time to spend with our loved ones. It’s for this reason we look forward to the dinner time where we can sit with our loved ones and catch up with each other, share our worries or our good times. So, if you’re sitting silent during the dinner (or, worse, having dinners separately), don’t confuse this with good table manners. It’s clearly a sign that you no longer care to share your life with your partner and the relation has already taken that turn towards stagnancy. If your dinners are not an engaging affair like before, you need to rethink about the status of your relationship and take suitable measures before it’s too late.

4. Other couples make you jealous

You are in a grave situation if other couple’s romance makes you jealous, or even angry at times. Being jealous of other’s happiness is a sign that you’re not satisfied with your own relationship which is probably heading towards an uncertain future. If you’re one of those who get irked after seeing other couple’s romance, it’s time you go home and set things straight with your partner.

5. Stalking your ex on internet

distrust in relationships wife spying at man

Well, stalking your ex-lover on social media is a common but a deadly sign indicating that your relationship is heading for the doom. If you’re interested in knowing what’s going on with your ex or how’s their current love life, it means your own current relationship has lost its sparks. Now, this might seem like a harmless activity, but it may spell out doom for your own relationship and thus you don’t only need to stop the stalking but also make efforts or rekindle your present relation.


Relationships are fragile. If you’re not careful enough and don’t make sincere efforts to keep it lively and charming, you may lose it all. Hence its important to identify such signs early and get rid of the issues before they become a trouble. Always remember, no relationship is perfect, you may to make it charismatic with your efforts and innovative ideas. Go out often, do fun stuff together or surprise your loved one with great new ideas for a healthy relationship. However, most important thing to do in a relation is to talk and keep everything sorted out.

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