E-commerce app development trends that can catapult your business to heights


We all love to shop and hardly leave any opportunity to get indulged into retail-therapy. However the constant work stress and the bandwagon of responsibilities, leave us with little or no time to relish the shopping experience through offline mode.

However the introduction of eCommerce has brought relief to all of us, wherein we can avail of the fantastic shopping experience through the apps.  With this post let’s figure out the latest ingredients which are making the e-commerce more captivating and wanted…

This information can prove to be a blessing for the developers to garnish their e-commerce platform and distribute quality experience to the users.

Benefits for the business owners

Many out there, consider an eCommerce solution a not so convincing fact for their business model, but what they fail to understand that an eCommerce solution has the power to pull your targeted audience from their seats and make them buy your products.

With this post let’s figure out the trends of ecommerce app development that may eventually help your business to grab the users’ attention to a larger extent.

Voice Search to elevate the comfort of users

Nowadays, users are quite fascinated with the ease and comfort that voice search technology has brought. It has not only saved the users from the hassle of typing the text but also has provided an opportunity to make the searches using their voice. The best of this technology is that even if the user is unable to type the text, still the services can be availed through voice technology.

Further, the platform of e-commerce is quite large thus; it is a very tedious task to find the product of choice easily. So with the voice search feature, users can easily cut short the list of the products just by speaking, this is how this feature can help in delivering a competitive edge to the e-commerce business.

AR helps to visualize

How would it look in our house?? Wait, wait, wait do not get puzzled by this question. This is the very common concern which people have while purchasing any item for their home. So the severity of this concern has offered the infusion of AR (Augmented Reality) in e-commerce.

One of the most common issues comes, when you buy something, that looked good in showroom but doesn’t look good in your home.

This issue was beautifully addressed by the AR technology which has made it feasible for the users. Now using the features, users can easily get an idea that how their product will look at their office or home before buying it.

No doubt, integrating the AR has proved to be the successful trend of e-commerce and emerged as one of the greatest technological aspects in resolving the tough issues.

M-commerce an advancement of e-commerce

Do you carry your laptop always with you?

Of course not none of us, since the mobiles have brought each and every service to grow compact and convenient enough that it fits our pocket.

Hence, there must be an option to access e-commerce through mobiles as well. This will not only provide a rise in the customer base but will also expand the reach of e-commerce.

With the first rays of the sun, people want their mobile phones in their hands; this shows how deeply they are indulged in their mobile phones. Hence every business can only grow well if it takes the liking and interest of the people into consideration.

So, the integration of the m-commerce into e-commerce has cherished the interest of the users towards smartphones. This has eliminated the need of the customers to get in touch with their personal computers and laptops to access e-commerce. Now even using their communication device people can serve their e-commerce interests.

Fabulous user’s experience with Machine learning

With the integration of Machine learning, people can easily avail personalized search suggestions which make the searching process easy and convenient. Machine learning has the ability to offer more personalized interaction or we can say personalized product suggestions on the basis of previous searches and purchase transactions.

This ultimately results in impeccable user’s experience and brings oodles of comfort to the users.


These are a few popular techniques which have become the topic of discussion amongst the people with respect to e-commerce. These factors have not only emerged as the latest trend used in e-commerce but have also proved their usability in the market.

However, something I would like to mention towards the end, that your eCommerce portal’s success largely depends on one most crucial fact, and that is the selection of the right app builder.

Last not the least, grab a successful eCommerce solution for your business today and help it grow exponentially.

Rakesh Bisht
Rakesh Bisht
Rakesh Bisht is an Innovative Marketing Professional and Technology Whiz who closely follows the latest mobile application development technologies at Techugo- Top Mobile App Development Company. He explores new technologies, and shares his knowledge through writing.

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