6 Drinks which will stain your teeth


It’s true that people with whiter teeth are perceived more amicable, easily approachable, smarter, and happy with their life in general. In fact, those who sport a brighter smile tend to excel in both their personal and professional lives. With that, it becomes necessary for us to take a good care of our teeth and gums as they affect our looks. Some people however don’t choose their foods and beverages with care which go on to harm their pearly whites greatly. There are drinks that stain teeth and make the beauty of smile fade. It’s better to know those beverages or drinks and avoid them as much you could.

Here are 6 drinks or beverages that stain teeth –

1. Coffee

If your day starts with a hot cup of coffee, it’s time you changed the habit and switched to something better and something less harmful. Because, your favourite morning beverage does stain the teeth more than you think. The darkness of the coffee is the reason why it causes stains on the teeth and take away the natural whiteness and shine. If you don’t want to ditch coffee yet wish to reduce its harm, try to lighten its colour by adding some milk. And if possible, use a straw to drink your coffee as this will prevent its direct contact with your teeth.

2. Tea


Tea is very much like coffee, literally, in the way it causes staining to your teeth. Even if it does not have the darkness of a coffee, the tannins present are the reason why the teeth get discolored with excessive drinking. Not all tea types are bad as only the dark ones make the teeth lose their natural shine. In fact, the darker the tea the more chances of it staining your teeth. So, if you don’t want to ditch your tea habit anytime soon, it’s better to switch to green variety over black teas. At least the damage will be lesser.

3. Soda

soda bottles

Soda is bad for your teeth. The earlier you understand that the better. It can harm your teeth in more ways than one and it’s also a smart choice to limit their consumption. First, the artificial sugar and acid present in soda can bathe your teeth and cause erosion of the enamel gradually. second, the dark colours present in their can stain the teeth if you consume their frequently. You can switch to lightly colored or clear soda to minimize the damage to some extent, but this has limited benefits. If you are really seriously about the beauty of your teeth, it’s better to ditch the habit altogether.

4. Wine

Wine bottles

Alcohol is bad in any form. If you consume them, your overall health is always at some risk. Take for example, those who consume red wine are prone to teeth staining or discoloration. The ark colour caused by tannins makes red wine a drink capable of staining the teeth. And if you think white wine is any better, well you’re mistaken then as its high acidic content too can cause staining. If the habit of wine is hard to break, it’s better to use straw to consume them as it will at least keep the damage to a minimum.

5. Cola

Cola glass with ice

The soft fizzy drinks you relish so much are extremely bad for your teeth. Don’t believe those TV commercials that peddle their wares without considering the harms associated with the products and say no to cola. The colour, flavours and additive used in these drinks can make your teeth stain. Plus, soda is highly acidic drink which can weaken your teeth structure by causing enamel erosion. If you love your smile and want to maintain the brightness and whiteness of your teeth, throw cola out of your life forever. After all, this drink has no health value and only causes different problems.

6. Energy and sports drinks

Girl Jogging and drinking health drink from sipper

If you think energy and sports drinks are good for your body, you may be right to some extent, but they are certainly not good for your oral health. They are among the most acidic and sugary drinks with the potential to cause sever form of staining and discoloration to the teeth. Any drink that has both acid and sugar should be a big no if healthy and whiter teeth are your goal. And if you can resist the temptation of these drinks, it’s better to have with a straw to avoid their direct contact with your teeth. Better still, rinse the mouth immediately after having these drinks to not let their contents stick on your teeth.

If your staining has reached serious levels, it’s always better to visit best dental clinic and seek treatment. Delaying the treatment can make the matter worse. So, trust a good dentist and maintain a perfect smile.

Sawoni Chowdhury
Sawoni Chowdhury
Sawoni Chowdhury is an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment and lot more.

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