5 Things you may take along as a gift at a house party

If regular partying is your style, you must know that going empty handed doesn’t look nice. As a good-mannered guest, it’s your duty to take along a gift, even better if your gift can contribute to the party even in the slightest manner.


When the life has become so fast-paced, house parties come as a great respite from it. Of course, while for bigger parties, you don’t only need excuses but a good budget and time to prepare. But, one can always throw a home party for no reason in particular. Just call a few friends or relatives, prepare a good dinner, or you can even order from a restaurant and you’re set. The basic idea is to hang out with the people you love without having to go outside to fancy bars or pubs which might be a bit heavy on your pockets. Anyhow, in this article we’re not discussing how to throw a house party and be a good host, but how to be a good guest.

If you’re regular partygoer you already know that it’s not a nice etiquette to go empty-handed. In fact, this is such an age-old tradition and you may have even seen your parents (or grandparents) do it all the time. If you don’t care about it, never mind, but if you do here are a few things you can take along as a gift to a house party.

1. Wine

Wine bottles

The commonest and coolest choice. A bottle of wine may be a cliché which makes a regular part of these house parties, but it’s a good cliché. Even if your host don’t drink, but they’re cool with others drinking, trust me the bottle would never go waste. In fact, wine is also among common gift ideas for variety of occasions. If you like, you may even take a nice expensive bottle as well, but don’t forget to inform your host about it so that they can serve it accordingly.

Also, for a more casual occasion another alternative can be beer. You can even take a crate of beers along.

2. Chocolates


Chocolates are loved by everyone. You can always find someone who don’t drink, but you will never find someone who dislike chocolates. Chocolates not only tastes great, they have a special aura about which can elevate the mood of any party. Moreover, chocolates also have some great health benefits.

3. Dessert


Dessert is another thing that will never go waste in a party. Even if it’s just a casual get-together with friends, and no big celebration, you will never be looking hard to find candidates with sweet tooth. Cake may be another cliché, but, again, it’s a good cliché. You can go for doughnuts, muffins, brownies, ice-creams, etc. How about taking along some gluten-free desserts which will also be healthy apart from being delicious?

4. Snacks

Party snacks

It’s obvious that your host would have arranged for party snacks. But, it never hurts to have more. Take something that you love, or something that you think is awesome and others may not have tasted before. How cool would that be?

5. Flowers

Flower Bouquet

Flowers are an evergreen gifting idea, well, not really green but full of colours. You may argue what good are flowers in a casual party. But, trust me, flowers can always bring a smile to anyone who receives them. These are pretty little things full of magic. When you are out of ideas, or time, flowers is definitely something you can rely upon.

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