9 Hindi web series to binge on during the COVID-19 lockdown


Are you a fan of hindi web series? Or, after being bored staying at home due to Covid-19 lockdown you’re looking for some entertainment? If answer any of these questions is ‘positive’, read on.

When the appeal to stay indoors was imposed by the national leaders, people were thrilled by the whole idea of no more early mornings or Monday blues. The coronavirus lockdown was looked upon as an uncalled-for vacation. At least by those who love staying at home. However, what they didn’t expect was to be hit by a huge wave of boredom within a few days! I mean how much can one stay at home? Even introverts are feeling the budge and itching to step out. But since COVID-19 lockdown is the need of the hour to flatten the curve, staying indoor is the best choice we all have. And making this social distancing a smooth sail-through is the internet, and of course, OTT platforms!

Having said that and with all the spare time we have on hand, why not make the best of it by catching up on some binge-worthy content. Considering several OTT platforms are now creating brilliant and gripping Hindi web series, we took the liberty to handpicked 9 best ones for you. Read on to know more!

9 Hindi web series to binge on during the COVID-19 lockdown

1. The Family Man

The family man

This series is about a middle-class man, who when not putting up a pretense of working as a government servant, is catching criminals and solving secret missions as a world-class undercover spy! His struggle to juggle between the common-man life and crime world does incite some chuckles but it will grip you more in the action-packed story. Entertaining and engaging at the same time, The Family Man starring Manoj Bajpayee in a never seen before role is undoubtedly a must-watch.   

2. Kota Factory

Kota Factory

Shot in black and white, Kota Factory is the story of a young man with a dream to crack IIT. He arrives in Kota, the city best known for its educational training only to discovers that the race to get selected for IIT is far from easy. Demotivated by his peers, he finds himself caught in the web of competition that he must get through. But will he? Brimming with dark-humor, millennial struggles and knitting the life of every IIT student out there, the series has been highly recommended by the critics and viewers.

3. Ek Thi Begum

Ek thi Begum

If you thought the crime world is a man’s domain then you have to watch Ek Thi Begum. The series had people raving about how gripping, hard-hitting and pragmatic the content is. A burqa-clad woman takes up the mission to avenge her husband’s death by declaring war not only against the police force but the heinous underworld as well. A one-woman army, will she succeed? Watch the trailer and you’ll definitely want to binge on the show right away.

4. Made In Heaven

Made in heaven

You’ve been to weddings, now go behind the weddings to catch all the drama, scandals and money that goes into making it a grand affair. This series coming from successful filmmakers, Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar dive deep into one of the most luxurious industries in India, the wedding industry. Glorious on the outside, scandalous on the inside, it gives an insight into the high societies and how not everything is hunky-dory behind those larger than life affairs.

5. Mirzapur


Drugs, violence, guns, and lawlessness! This edge-of-the-seat crime thriller will throw you in the rustic lanes of Mirzapur. Run by a local mafia, Tripathi and his power-hungry heir, it’s high on drama, loud with gunshots and has a brilliant star cast starring Pankaj Tripathi, Divyenndu, Ali Fazal and Vikrant Massey. If you’re bored of mushy and sappy rom-com, plunge into this mafia world for some quick thrills. 

6. Ghoul


Here’s one for all the spook-deprived souls! Now would be the best time to catch up on this spine-chilling horror web series starring Radhika Apte. The story pulls you in literally, has jumpy moments and will give you the chills time-to-time. The series revolves around a young interrogator who is sent to probe the most dangerous terrorist kept at a military detention center. Things turn horrific when she realizes that he’s far from human. How will she survive or rather make others believe what they are keeping at the center?! P.S. – Not for the faint-hearted.

7. Yeh Meri Family

Yeh meri family

Feeling down? Looking for something light-hearted to cheer you up? Yeh Meri Family is an adorable series about a middle-class family narrated from the point of view of a 12-year-old. Based in the late 90s, it follows the trial and tribulations of the pre-teen boy and his coming-of-age predicaments in the most endearing way. Plus, if you are a 90s kid, you will be surprised how much the show is relatable. We’d say, watch it to experience the 90s all over again.

8. Special OPS

Special Ops

This is no run-of-the-mill thriller. 19 years! That’s how long Himmat Singh has been striving to get a hold on the mastermind behind various terrorist attacks in India. The series follows a daunting espionage, as he and his team set on a manhunt to nab the mastermind in this out-and-out mind-blowing thriller. Starring Kay Kay Menon in the lead role, the pulsating twists, and turns in the series will keep you glued till the very end. Don’t miss it!

9. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

Not one of two but multiples stories by Nobel Prize winner, Rabindranath Tagore now get a cinematic touch! There’s horror, drama, comedy, thriller, you name it and this series has something for everyone. Beautifully threaded together, the stories will definitely take you down the memory lane, if you’ve grown up reading stories by Rabindranath Tagore. Hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, there’s no better time to catch up on this series than now.

There you have it, these 9 Hindi web-series will definitely keep you entertained through the COVID-19 lockdown. With a mix of comedy, thriller, horror, classic story-telling and modern-day drama, there’s something for everyone in the store. We hope this list of 9 best Hindi web-series to binge on will help keep the boredom at bay. However, if you have a suggestion about this article or more series to recommend, share your thoughts with us in the comment below!

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