8 Effective methods to remove tan this summer


We love to stroll along the sun-baked streets but don’t realize that in the process of this, we are also damaging our skin. The rude sun rays can harm your skin and its texture in many ways, and the most common being giving you a skin tan. In tanning, the skin loses its moisture and radiant glow which results in dullness and paleness. With the onset of summers nearing, this brings us all to the summer woes like tanning and sunburn too. While you can protect your skin with lotions and creams with SPF 30 at least, the harsh summer can still manage to damage the skin underneath reducing its elasticity. And, thus, you would want to remove tan on a regular basis to keep your skin healthy.

use cucumber to remove tan this summer

Sun tan is one of the most common beauty problems faced by millions of people and usually encountered only during the summers. Treating this skin tan at the earliest can be very important if you want to avoid damaging your skin further. Sunscreens do work to an extent, but there is always an alternative way to guard your skin. In cases like this, the best way to get rid of the tan is to use natural products and ingredients. The suggested way to get back supple skin is to use ingredients available in your kitchen at home. Absolutely, it is time to get back and practice the basics.

We have got you some easy face packs made with natural ingredients that can help protect your skin from harmful sun rays and tanning. Get rid of those dark spots and restore the natural beauty of your glowing skin by following some of these tips and ways to remove tan.

8 Ultimate ingredients to remove tan

1. Yoghurt

natural greek yoghurt in glass jars


A perfect ingredient to remove dead skin and clean pores, Yoghurt acts as a natural and effective ingredient to get a glowing skin back. Do you remember the days when your mother or grandmothers would tell you to apply curd on a sunny day? You can mix curd with wheat flour and apply on your face, feet, hands, neck and areas that have a tan and rinse it off once it dries up. The combination of curd and flour acts as a great scrub and works effectively to remove dead skin and tan easily. To maintain a supple skin during the summers, try doing this regularly or alternate days to ensure clear and smooth skin.

2. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Did you know the skin and beauty benefits of lemon juice? When you are suffering from tanned skin, this acts as a great tool to lighten it, improving the skin’s look. Another best remedy for tan removal, lemon juice possesses bleaching properties and helps in brightening the skin naturally. The citric acid in lemon not just removes tan, but also removes acne and reduces dark spots. If you have a severe tan, you can use both lemon juice and curd. One of the easiest remedies, try this to get rid of your tan this summer!

3. Turmeric

Roots and turmeric powder

A popular healing agent, turmeric is used as a great ingredient for skin and beauty. With over 300 antioxidants, the benefits of this are significant. It helps in reducing acne, skin tanning and pigmentation too. Very easy to use, you only need to mix turmeric in water and apply it gently on the tanned skin. Once dry, rinse it off. For healthier and glowing skin, use this mixture regularly.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

Emerged as an excellent elixir for every ailment, Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the highly proven ingredients to reduce tanning. This is usually available in our gardens, parks etc and is the best remedy for all skin ailments. A great cooling agent, you can use its pulp and apply it saw on the areas that are tanned to get rid of it. You’d be happy to know that it is also effective in removing sun burns. Aloe Vera not just reduces tan, but also crubs acne and soothes burns.

5. Honey and papaya face pack

Halved papaya on yellow background

A combination of papaya and honey are quite popularly known for their hydrating properties. The mix is used to reduce residue on skin, clean pores and brighten the skin tone. Used as a face pack, this reduces the blemishes and helps to remove tan. Highly effective, you will be able to see results after first application as this can easily give your skin an instant glow.

6. Buttermilk and Oats face pack

Oats and buttermilk face pack

Oats and buttermilk are both well used to soothe the skin tone. Making the pack at home is not very difficult and you would only require a tablespoon of oats with buttermilk to make a perfect mixture. Once the application is ready, apply it on your face or body to get rid of tanning areas in your body. Oats boast exfoliating properties and can be very effective to soothe the skin.

7. Gram Flour aka besan

Gram flour pea flour besan

Another interesting ingredient is the Gram flour, commonly called Besan, which also possesses a high amount of skin and beauty benefits. Not very popularly used, Gram flour is very useful to treat skin tans. It removes dead cells and dirt, ensuring you get a healthy and glowing skin. All you need to do is mix the flour with water and apply the paste on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Once dry, rinse your face thoroughly. For better glowing results, try adding drops of rose water to the mixture.

8. Cucumber

fresh organic cucumbers on sacking

One of the best cooling agents, we all know how hydrating cucumbers can be. Rich in vitamin A and Vitamin B1, this helps in reducing the dullness on your skin. Using cucumber extracts can make your skin look fresh and increase blood circulation, preventing your skin from infections. This can be one of the most beneficial methods to treat tan. In order to use the right portion, you can shred a cucumber, squeeze its juice out and apply it on your tanned areas with a cotton ball. Allow it to dry and rinse the application with water. For best results, you can repeat this technique twice in a week.

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