7 Superfoods which will keep cancer away from you!


Our health is highly influenced by our eating habit, especially the disease like cancer is highly impacted by the diet. Having the food items which are rich in proteins, fibers, and vitamins can help in the natural prevention of cancer. So, in this article, we will discuss and let you know about the 7 superfoods which will keep cancer away from you. These food items will benefit in providing the right fuel to your health according to the expert oncologist these foods will keep you away from cancer for sure!

1. Broccoli


Broccoli is one of the famous cruciferous vegetables which is being proven beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer like cervical, breast, gastric, and prostate cancers. One who is having Broccoli on the regular basis have a good quantity of phytochemicals and the antioxidants like glucoraphanin and indole-3-carbinol. Also, Broccoli is the best source for sulforaphane, the enzyme which is has potent anticancer properties. In the experiments, Sulforaphane has proved handy in reducing the size and breast cancer cells by 75%. So, enjoy the steamed broccoli dish, tossed up with garlic and olive oil.

2. Carrots

Carrot Juice

Carrot is full of disease-fighting nutrients. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which protects the cell membrane from any kind of toxic damage. Also, it helps in slowing down the growth of cancer cells. The risk of stomach cancer is being reduced by 26% whereas the risk of prostate cancer is reduced by 18% by the regular intake of carrots. Also, the people who possess an eating habit of carrot for more than once a week is less likely to catch lung cancer. So, add the carrot to your diet, no matter it is in the form of vegetable or in a salad. According to the reports, cooked carrots provides you a higher quantity of antioxidants compared to the raw ones.

3. Strawberries


Berries possess a rich amount of anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is a type of plant pigment which behaves as an antioxidant and provides support in reducing the risk of cancer. Apart from fighting cancer, strawberry is found to be useful in preventing heart disease, lowering inflammation, and prevents memory loss. The other antioxidants which you get from strawberries and raspberries are vitamin C and ellagic acid. So, add the strawberry and other berries like black raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, and goji berries to your diet schedule.

4. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are rich with a phytochemical called lycopene which is responsible for its vibrant red color. Lycopene is an antioxidant which is high in the anti-cancer properties and helps in preventing cancer types like breast, lung, and prostate. Also, the tomatoes are beneficial in reducing heart diseases. Note that when the tomatoes are being cooked, it loses lycopene. Therefore, don’t forget to add tomatoes to your salad.

5. Garlic


Allicin is the component which you get from Garlic which helps in killing the cancerous cells. Therefore, many of the people are seen suggesting that Garlic is good for health. The different types of cancer whose prevention is supported by Garlic are stomach, pancreatic, colon, esophageal, and breast cancers. So, add one clove of garlic in your daily diet in order to get the full benefit of Garlic.

6. Spinach


Spinach is highly rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids whereas it is low in calories. You might have heard the name of lutein – an antioxidant which is beneficial to our eyes. Two of the other components which you get from spinach is folate and fiber. Both these components are very much helpful in preventing cancer. Also, folate is supporting in the formation of new cells and in repairing DNA. So, this leafy vegetable must be there in your diet schedule, at least once a week.

7. Beans

green beans

Beans provide a helping hand in preventing colorectal cancer. It is found to be rich in fiber. Also, in the tests, it is seen that the consumption of beans can lower the risk of colon cancer by 75%. Therefore, add an adequate amount of beans in your daily or weekly diet.

These are the 7 superfoods which will keep cancer away from you. Add all these food items in your diet in a satisfactory amount to prevent cancer naturally. If you any query, do ask them by commenting in the below section.

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