8 Lifestyle changes you need to make today to stay fit and healthy


When the lifestyle diseases are on the rise, it’s mandatory to make some lifestyle changes to stay fit. Just the right food, and right workouts are not enough. You must also find the right balance between every little detail taking care of both physical as well as mental health. Neither can you over do, nor under do. Moreover, you’re required to have patience and maintain this lifestyle in the long term unlike a short-term dieting plan.

1. Eat right

workout food

Most important factor in health lifestyle is diet. You simply cannot overeat no matter what your reason is. You have to understand what eating for hunger is, and what’s binge eating. Don’t make your stress, anger, or joy a reason to overeat. If you start eating out to cope with your problems, this bad habit can really haunt you. May even lead to eating disorders. Also, don’t watch TV or use your smartphone during your meals as it may distract you and lead you to eat out of control. Now, apart from how much you eat, what you eat is equally important as well. Your diet should be rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, contain just enough carbs, and low fats (switch to healthy essential fats like foods with omega fats). A proper diet may differ from person to person depending upon age, gender, health conditions, work and daily physical activity.

2. Regularly exercise

Yoga classes

No matter how busy you are, you must find time for working out. I’m sure you’ve heard everyone speak about the importance of exercises. Regular workouts don’t only benefit you physically but also mentally. The rush of blood and happy hormones make sure that you feel energized and cheerful throughout the day. In fact, workouts are also advised as an effective method of stress relief. So, it’s impertinent you begin working out on a regular basis if you aren’t doing it already. As per your choice of workout, it really depends on your goal.

3. Drink water

Drinking Water

I can’t even begin to narrate the benefits of drinking water. You must replace any other drink with water be it juice or soda, no matter how tempting they may be. Water works on several levels to fight weight gain and many diseases. It also has a refreshing, reenergizing effect on us at physical, mental and cellular level. Water also helps in flushing out toxins, and makes you consume less calories.

4. Never starve yourself


Often people tend to skip meals assuming by taking less food they’ll lose weight faster. However, that’s not the case.  You skip on a lot of valuable nutrients while being hangry (angry with hunger). Moreover, when you eat after skipping a meal you’re bound to overeat. Rather than skipping meals, it’s advisable to eat smartly (more proteins and veggies while less fats and sugars) like we discussed in the first point.

5. Portion Control

Now that we’ve discussed what to eat, and why not to skip meals, there is still a method to decrease the amount you eat every meal. It’s obviously tempting to eat everything that’s being served on the table. You need to control the serving size. Pick smaller pieces which are enough to get a taste and savour without overindulging. In fact, use smaller plates to control how much food you take. Portion control can really make a difference in the long run. Also, counting calories every time you eat or drink makes you remain conscious about overeating, and you automatically tend to control your diet.

6. Proper sleep

sleeping girl on bed

For a healthy life it’s mandatory to have adequate sleep. In fact, one can barely survive for a few days to a week without sleep. Sleep helps recover the body from routine wear and tear, heal injuries or fight diseases etc. Some health conditions like hypertension are directly linked with sleep. Also, when you’re trying to lose weight, you need proper sleep to repair and rebuild muscles after workout.

7. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea has recently gained popularity as a weight loss drink. Although there is little evidence, but studies do prove that green tea can aid in weight loss. Green tea is a kind of tea derived from Camelia Sinensis leaves, which also provides the regular tea, oolong and white tea as well, except it hasn’t gone as much oxidation processing. Being negative-calorie food, green tea burn calories and thus help in weight loss. Also, green tea is rich is antioxidants which detox you, keep you healthy and boosts immunity.

8. Planned cheating

Junk Food, Burger and fries

It’s not entirely possible to let go of all the junk food, desserts and chocolate. You’re human after all. So, rather than falling victim to your craving, it’s better to curb them occasionally with a cheating day in your dieting schedule. Sunday is the best day to do this as that’s the day you would be going out, meeting friends or partying.

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