Book Review – Wings of Courage


Book review – Wings of CourageAuthor: Sanjay Kumar
Edition language: English
Characters: Saksham, Asif, Divya, Sneha
Publisher: Notion Press
Format: Paperback, 312 pages
ISBN: 9384381934 (ISBN13: 9789384381936)

“Wings of Courage” as the name suggests is a story about courage. Whose courage? Yours and mine if we really decide to juice out something from it, beautifully portrayed through the protagonist Saksham. The story is about Saksham, a fairly rich boy, just when he was about to finish his graduation, undergoes a series of incidents and finds himself struggling between his love life, his career, and the socio-political condition of India. Three events that change his perspective of how he saw things around him and his decisions about his own life are:

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The plot of the book isn’t unique but good and much needed all the same. It shows us the face of our society, its failing structure from top to the bottom. Sanjay has written most of the parts beautifully and there are many events and monologues that would inspire each of us. The characters had been well-formed, clear and to the task. The pace is good. And the way he has told the story is fantastic.[bctt tweet=”#BookReview – Wings of Courage, Author: Sanjay Kumar”]

However there are a few things that I couldn’t seem to take well. First of all, the blurb and cover page both raised the hopes and since I didn’t know the exact genre of the book before reading, I took it for a fantasy, or a science fiction. After reading a few pages my opinion changed and I began to take it as a realistic fiction that was dealing with socio-political topics. And, then, all of a sudden, the Intervention by Almighty took me off guard. That was truly unexpected and even unwanted in my opinion. Saksham was already heading in the right direction and I had no doubts the way he was progressing he’d start doing something heroic. Then why the Almighty? Especially when Almighty did nothing more than giving Saksham the task of learning certain things about the world and its problem. I believe Dr. Sen’s involvement was already sufficient for the same and this one wasn’t really needed. Now, I can’t figure out where exactly to put this book. It fails as a fantasy, it is not a science fiction, as I had thought before beginning. With the addition of Almighty I can’t seem to put it under realistic fiction too. Anyhow, that’s less of a concern, rest of the idea was great and I hope people would learn something from it. However, again, I don’t want them all to take up arms and go around killing politicians and rapists. A better way would be self-improvement. If each of us starts improving ourselves and take care not to do anything inhumane or anti-social, and also discourage others from doing so, then such extreme measures wouldn’t be needed. Nevertheless in absence of enough encouragement for people to go about making those changes, something solid and exemplary need to be done which Saksham did, something that would evoke the patriotism, unite the people and make them better humans.

Overall I’d like to give four points to the author’s efforts out of five. Five points for a good book, and minus one for those angles (book cover, blurb, and Almighty’s involvement) that failed me entirely.

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